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Story of The Circle of FriendsCircle of Friends Legend - Though shrouded in mystery, ancient Mayan civilization is where the story is believed to have originated. The clay pottery castings depict ancient groups celebrating around bonfires; dancing and sharing stories of each other's good qualities and becoming closer to one another. The interlocked arms of the figures are meant to be symbolic of the bond shared between close friends. It is believed that when you give this ancient pottery to a friend or family member, it will solidify your bond with that person for the rest of your lives.

Our Sunland Artisans circle of friends pottery candle holders are authentically crafted replicas of these pre-Columbian Central American artifacts. Each depicts people embraced around a small bowl. When a candle is placed in the bowl and lit, shadows appear to dance around the room on the flickering candlelight. Choose from different sizes and rustic colors.

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